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About Yongan International Singapore

Yongan International Financial (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xin Yongan International Financial Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong, is owned by Yongan Futures Co. Ltd.

Yongan Futures Co. Ltd remained the top 3 largest futures company in China since 2003 and it is the only local futures to rank amongst the top 10 within the industry for 19 consecutive years.

We offer clearing services for all products listed on major global exchanges to suit your financial needs.

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Futures and Options

We provide customers with a variety of futures and options trading services directly with all major Global Exchanges

Round the Clock Access

Direct Trading access through electronical devices allows our clients to trade wherever and whenever opportunities arises.

Gateway to major China exchanges

We offer trading access to approved products of the Chinese exchanges namely Dalian Commodity Exchange and Shanghai International Energy Exchange.


Direct access to all major Global Futures Exchanges.

Trading access to the approved products of the Chinese Exchanges (DCE and INE).

Gateway to mainland china exchanges and markets for physical Commodities into China with our affiliated subsidiaries.

Investment opportunities with our China centric Funds through our Asset Management divisions.

One-stop solution for both physical and futures contracts.

The Singapore’s office is a main gateway for international investors who are keen to invest into China.

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