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Xin Yongan International Financial Holdings Limited (“Xin Yongan International”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yongan Futures Company Limited(China NEEQ Securities Code 833840).

As a window for internationalization of Yongan Futures, Xin Yongan International is based in Hong Kong for expanding its global financial business.

By virtue of its thorough understanding of the Chinese and international markets and an experienced team of professionals, Xin Yongan International has built up a comprehensive customer network and channels, on top of the solid foundation and extensive reputation in both Mainland China and Hong Kong as well as good relations with various international institutions and Chinese enterprises. In 2018, Yongan International Financial (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“Yongan International Financial”)was established to expands its coverage in Singapore and the South East Asia markets. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xin Yongan International Financial Holdings Ltd as part of its overall strategy to offer a multi-asset platform in providing superior services to each and every customer.

Besides Yongan International Financial in Singapore, Xin Yongan International has also established China Xin Yongan Futures Company Limited, Xin Yongan International Securities Company Limited, Xin Yongan International Asset Management Company Limited and China Xin Yongan Industrial Company Limited for engaging in the corresponding licensed business respectively.

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